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"If you aren't certain about things, if your mind is still open enough to question what you are seeing, you tend to look at the world with great care, and out of that watchfulness comes the possibility of seeing something that no one else has seen before. You have to be willing to admit that you don't have all the answers. If you think you do, you will never have anything important to say." - Paul Auster

Tuesday, September 27

We clean our mugs in the bathroom.

- You didn't clean out your mug again, she says.  I look at her.  A little tendril of strawberry yogurt is peeking over the rim.  I don't correct her grammar.  I'm not sure and I only strike when my aim is true.
- I didn't have a free hand to carry it back, I tell her.  I shrug a friendly, "we're all in this together because we all have only two hands" kind of shrug.  The way her mouth drops open would, in another context, indicate rage and trigger my flight or flight mechanism.  I want to make fun of her denim capri pants but I do not, because technically, the mug is in fact dirty. 
She gives me that mouth.
- If you didn't have a free hand, how did you get it there?
She's got me now. 


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