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"If you aren't certain about things, if your mind is still open enough to question what you are seeing, you tend to look at the world with great care, and out of that watchfulness comes the possibility of seeing something that no one else has seen before. You have to be willing to admit that you don't have all the answers. If you think you do, you will never have anything important to say." - Paul Auster

Wednesday, August 31

Conversation re: Google.

Sorry for the formatting, I'm still sick as anything.
From: A
To: M
it's the same deal with microsoft tho, isn't it (or any beta version
that becomes the hottest thing)? google is now the monopolising head
honcho of the internet game. a few years ago there was another webpage
that filed grievances with what they were starting to do with the ad
bar. they had just started doing it..it literally happened overnight.

i still use 'em. not sure how i feel about google talk yet. i really
love trillian.

On 8/25/05, M wrote:
> interesting article.  hard to know what to think.  i can't imagine
> that hotmail/msn, yahoo, etc. are any less involved; google probably
> just gets the "big brother" attention because they're popular,
> efficient, easy target.  i figure if i'm using the internet, i'm
> holding hands with big brother anyway, regardless of how many security
> protocols i set up.
> don't get blown away.
> did you see the "dear leader" blog I linked to from
> maghus.blogspot.com?  funny stuff.
> m
> On 25/08/05, A wrote:
> > i don't know, i used to be pro for their search engine when it was all
> > the rage in '99. but that was before they started this:
> > http://www.google-watch.org/bigbro.html
> >
> > hey, there's a huge ass typhoon/hurricane going on right now and it's
> > pretty cool. i think i just saw a tea bush unroot!
> >


At 5:47 PM, Blogger tcw1138 said...

I'll admit, I've always been slightly puzzled by your love affair with Google. They're a massive company that's become one of the most influential in new media. There are those who argue that their hiring practices are depleting the skill pool so that competitors can't find the programmers/etc to compete. An argument could be made that they're the Wal Mart or McDonald's of the web…just with a quality product.

Don't get me wrong…I love their products. I'm just wondering how long it is until their need to innovate drops off.

At 9:44 PM, Blogger M said...

I've been puzzled by it myself. No easy answers; the fact that they, by and large, make high quality products with unobtrusive (if any) ads; they generally seem to have a policy of not doing evil, as their somewhat ridiculous mission statement points out - though their plans to plow through publishers that disagree with the Google Print plans could use some explaining; the fact that they are taking on Microsoft, which is Goliath, and Yahoo, which forces Yahoo to innovate. The forced innovation is key. GMail is, simply, superior. So far, Google Talk has been similarly pleasing. I uninstalled Google Desktop; just didn't have the resources, but it seems promising.


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